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03.03.2024 | Resident story

Modern life in the historical Fortress area

The Fortress area in the heart of Lappeenranta offers its residents a piece of the city's rich and centuries-long history. Here, close to the harbor and just a kilometer from the city center, lives Merja Salastie, a happy resident of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu and the chairperson of the area's resident committee.

Salastie became a client of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu again in 2015, when she decided to sell her owned property and move back to the city from the countryside. Salastie had lived in a Asuntopalvelu rental apartment when she was younger and had a positive experience, so looking for a new rental apartment through the Asuntopalvelu felt like the best option. She wished for an apartment close to the city center with a lake view and even a yard.

I had only dared to dream of living in the Fortress area, so when I was offered an apartment here, it was fantastic! Even my almost impossible wishes were met. Like in the countryside, I live close to nature here, but all city services are right next door, Salastie shares.

The construction of the Fortress area began in the 18th century, and there have been no major construction phases after World War I. The historical area has been the site of several archaeological excavations over the years. The Fortress area houses about 40 apartments and has 70 residents. All buildings in the area are protected, and the apartments are rented out by Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.

I have lived in three different apartments in the Fortress area. My current home is one of the six apartments in a hospital building from the 1830s. In addition to modern conveniences, the apartment has three fireplaces, and I can brew my morning coffee on a wood stove.

Merja Salastie
Ruskeahiuksinen nainen istuu hymyillen valkoisessa nojatuolissa. Taustalla halkopuita, vihrekasvi ja sisustushöyheniä.

The Fortress area is a small community where neighbors help each other with snow shoveling and watering plants. Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu’s property manager takes care of larger yard work and apartment repair needs.

It’s really easy to contact the property manager, and help is always available when needed. Asuntopalvelu also takes care of chimney sweeping. Living here is really straightforward and easy, Salastie appreciates.

The apartments do not have private saunas, but residents can book sauna sessions in a communal sauna. The charming sauna path is illuminated by yard lights and candles in winter.

Space and opportunities for hobbies

Salastie enjoys interior decorating and gardening. The old house’s ambiance is preserved in the apartment. The old wooden floors have been painted by the tenant, who has also done some minor renovations. Any remodeling needs are always discussed individually.

No private plantings are allowed in the Fortress area. Flowers can be planted in pots, and there is a communal vegetable garden in raised beds maintained by the residents.

A few active members are part of the Fortress area’s resident committee. The main goal is to plan and organize recreational activities for the residents together.

We organized a big barbecue party in the summer, attended by over half of the area’s residents. Asuntopalvelu sponsors our activities, but one Christmas, we self-funded small Christmas bags for every apartment’s mailbox, Salastie shares, encouraging all enthusiastic and positive residents to join their area’s resident committee.

Residents of the Fortress area can enjoy the nature of Pikisaari, numerous outdoor paths, and illuminated walking routes. The harbor and beach are right nearby. Salastie’s personal favorite is the coffee roastery cafe in the harbor, where you can enjoy specialty coffees and treats in a rustic industrial setting.

Salastie has been very satisfied with Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu. The apartments and gardens are well-maintained, repair needs are addressed quickly, and communication is open.

I’m so happy and content. I’ve always received responses to my questions and friendly service. It feels safe living here, as long as I take care of my part, Salastie concludes.

The Fortress, part of Lappeenranta’s city center residential areas, offers an idyllic living environment close to a wide range of services. Numerous restaurants and cafes, boutique shops and shopping centers, sports facilities, and cultural experiences are all within easy reach. The buildings from 1850 and 1900 in the Fortress exude the charm of years gone by and offer residents a unique living environment.