Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu waives the security deposit, read more

For residents

Discover the benefits for residents, resident activities, and guidelines to follow during your tenancy.

Effortless rental living

Rental living is fundamentally flexible and effortless. By following the guidelines and common rules during your tenancy, we ensure safe and comfortable living for all residents.

Efficient property management services take care of yard work and minor repairs in your apartment. Explore resident activities and events open to all residents.

As a resident of Asuntopalvelu? Check these out:

Resident´s Guide

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu’s Resident´s Guide contains useful information about different stages of living. We welcome comments and feedback on the guide via email:

Comedian Matti Patronen guides you through different housing situations with Lappeenranta Housing Services’ humorous instructional videos.

You can watch the videos with English subtitles here.

Piirretty nainen istuu lukemassa vihkoa.

Resident Pages for quick services

The Resident Pages are an electronic service channel for residents. On the Resident Pages, you can, among other things, send messages to customer service or property management, submit a fault report, and view your contract. Explore the features of the Resident Page and start using the pages actively.

As a resident of Asuntopalvelu

Our residents have shared their own stories with us as residents of the Housing Services. Discover the stories of our happy residents.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in sharing your own story as a resident of the Housing Services.

Tulppaani-istutus talon edessä.

Resident benefits and events

We offer various benefits and events to our residents.

The rent for all apartments managed by the Asuntopalvelu includes free broadband. All our residents can participate in communal events, and resident committees organize property-specific recreational activities and communal gatherings.

Renting is fundamentally flexible and hassle-free. Efficient property management services take care of yard work and minor repairs in your apartment.

Our customer service is easily and quickly accessible through various channels.

Resident activities are small acts and sense of community

The goal of resident activities is to enhance living comfort and build a sense of community, ensuring that all residents have a good place to live and thrive. Resident activities give residents the opportunity to influence matters related to their own home.

For assistance with resident activities, you can contact:

Sonja Lakka

Marketing and Communications Specialist

020 496 3238
Piirretty nainen istumassa ja selaamassa puhelinta.

Customer service at your service

Our office is open Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 12 PM or by appointment. The rental customer service is available by phone Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Also, see the answers to frequently asked questions.