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Home from us

Renting is flexible and easy. We offer homes for different life situations.

A home that flexes with your needs

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu has approximately 4,800 apartments in about 200 different addresses all over Lappeenranta. Our wide range of housing options includes studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments in both apartment buildings and row houses, as well as a few detached houses.

Renting offers flexibility and ease, allowing you to quickly and easily change apartments as your life situation changes. Many of our residents have found a home for different stages of their life with us, including a permanent home for the rest of their lives.

Who can apply for an apartment?

  • Anyone who is 18 years old can apply for an apartment from Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.
  • Priority is given to applicants who have a job or a place of study in Lappeenranta or another social reason for needing an apartment.
  • You can apply for an apartment if you are moving to Lappeenranta for study or work purposes.

Housing application

See how the journey to your new home with us works.

With these guidelines, your journey to a new home will be smooth, without unnecessary detours or stops. Check our how the journey progresses and the Mover’s Checklist.

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Vanhemmat ja lapsi leikkimässä lattialla.

ARA and freely financed

Our apartments are mostly ARA rental apartments, which are state-subsidized housing built with interest subsidies. ARA apartments are intended for those in greatest need, i.e., low-income and financially disadvantaged applicants.

In ARA apartments, resident selections are based on social appropriateness and economic need. These are assessed based on the applicant’s housing need, income, and assets.

From our wide range of housing options, you will also find non-subsidized apartments, for which there are no conditions or asset limits set for applicants. Anyone can apply for these non-subsidized apartments.

Life in a cozy and green climate capital, Lappeenranta

Finland’s climate capital, Lappeenranta offers its residents an international atmosphere, happy people, the waters of Lake Saimaa and magnificent nature.

Lappeenranta is an international university and tourist city with over 70,000 residents. The Finnish environmental capital is surrounded by pristine nature and Finland’s largest lake, Saimaa.

In child- and family-friendly Lappeenranta, you’ll encounter joyful and talkative Karelians who have a strong culture of collaboration. In Lappeenranta, everyone contributes to building a common home and future. Sustainably and conserving nature.

The harbor on the city bay, the history-filled Fortress, and the Saimaa Lakeside Path welcome you to Lappeenranta!

Lappeenrannan linnoitus ja venesatama ylhäältä päin.
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As a resident of Asuntopalvelu

Learn about the benefits for residents, resident activities, and guidelines to follow during your tenancy. Here you’ll also find important information about the general terms of the lease agreement and rent payments.

Find your new home with Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu

We have a wide selection of apartments, from studios to three-bedroom apartments, in both apartment buildings and townhouses, as well as a few small houses.

Flexible and easy living for changing life situations or a home for the rest of your life.