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Welcome to a journey through the neighborhoods where we offer apartments for all stages of your life.

Find a new home in Lappeenranta

Welcome to an exploration of the residential areas from which we offer apartments for every phase of your life. Discover a new home in the heart of the city or amidst the international student life. Do you dream of a peaceful life close to nature, or do you seek services that ease the daily life of a family with children? We have plenty to choose from!

Järvenrantamaisema kesällä.

Lappeenranta north

In the northern area, in Kariniemi, Kivisalmi, Voisalmi and Tyysterniemi, you live right in the embrace of Saimaa.

Saimaan kanava.

Lappeenranta east

The neighborhoods of Hakali, Kanavansuu, Lauritsala, Mustola, Parkkarila and Tirilä belong to the eastern residential area.

Asuinalue ilmasta kuvattuna.

Lappeenranta south

The southern residential area consists of the neighborhoods of Hiessila, Karhuvuori and Mattila. Apartment and townhouse properties surrounded by a green park-like area.

Rantaa pitkin kulkeva puiden ympäröimä tie.

Lappeenranta west

Kourula, Kuusimäki, Sammonlahti, Skinnarila and Uus-Lavola are known as the neighborhoods of the western area.

Ihmisiä kävelemässä kävelykadulla aurinkoisena päivänä.

Lappeenranta city center

Lappeenranta’s downtown residential areas of Alakylä, Harapainen, Kimpinen, Fortress, Leiri, Pallo, Peltola and Tykki-Kiviharju offer an idyllic living environment near diverse services.

Ulkokuntosali järven rannalla.


Joutseno is the second largest population center in the city of Lappeenranta and offers its residents fresh nature, a variety of activities and functional basic services.

Vaalea rivitalo lumisessa maisemassa.


Nuijamaa is located between Lappeenranta and Vyborg, in the immediate vicinity of the Saimaa Canal and Lake Nuijamaa, about 25 kilometers from Lappeenranta city center.

Punainen puinen rivitalo talvisessa maisemassa.


Vainikkala offers townhouse living in the peace of nature without the hustle and bustle of the city, about 30 kilometers from Lappeenranta city center.

Rivitaloalue ilmasta kuvattuna.


Ylämaa offers townhouse living in the peace of the countryside, about 35 kilometers from Lappeenranta city center.

Find your new home with Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu

We have a wide selection of apartments, from studios to three-bedroom apartments, in both apartment buildings and townhouses, as well as a few small houses.

Flexible and easy living for changing life situations or a home for the rest of your life.