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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about applying for an apartment, living, and moving out.

Applying for an apartment

To apply for an apartment from us, you must first submit a housing application. Before applying, you can explore our housing offerings on our website. Please note that available or upcoming apartments may have already been offered to others. We start offering apartments as soon as we receive a notice of termination.

When an apartment offer is accepted, it is removed from our list of available apartments. You can submit a housing application here. Once you have applied, please wait for us to contact you when apartments that meet your criteria become available. More information about applying for an apartment can be found here.

You can view an apartment by arranging a visit with a housing secretary. You can agree on a time with the housing secretary, and whether you pick up the keys from the key dispenser in our office vestibule or from Certego Oy (Myllymäenkatu 25, open Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm). The key dispenser is open daily from 6 am-9 pm. If you want to pick up keys from the dispenser, you will receive a text message with a code to open the outer door and key chute. We do not organize public viewings except in new and renovated properties. Information about these public viewings will be announced separately.

There is no waiting list for our apartments; tenant selections are made among all applicants considering the need and urgency of the situation. By submitting an application, you are automatically included in the tenant selection for apartments that meet your criteria.

Yes, you can make changes to your electronic housing application via a link sent to your email. Alternatively, you can make changes to the application through customer service.

The housing application is valid for three months at a time. If you do not renew your application, it will be removed from our system.

State-subsidized properties have asset limits. These so-called Arava and interest subsidy apartments are intended for those who need them the most. We cannot offer such an apartment if your assets exceed the current asset limits. Our property portfolio also includes non-subsidized properties with no asset limits. It’s always a good idea to provide an initial estimate of your assets in the application, even if you don’t know the exact amount.

Yes, indeed. If you want to sign the lease electronically, you can arrange this with the housing secretary. The housing secretary will send a link for electronic signature to the email provided by the signatory, which can be signed with online banking credentials. Each signatory needs a personal email address and personal online banking credentials. If the agreement has multiple parties, all parties must complete their signatures individually. Signed documents are stored in the service for only 30 days, so we recommend saving them on your device.

Rent and other payments

The due date for all residents is always the 2nd of the month, and it cannot be changed. However, anyone can encounter difficulties with rent payments due to unexpected situations such as unemployment or illness. Whatever the reason, it’s better to proactively contact payment monitoring to seek advice rather than letting problems accumulate. Payment monitoring is managed by Intrum Oy:

  • Phone service Mon-Fri 7.30 am–8 pm and Sat 9 am–4 pm at 0800 143 100 (option 2)
  • Online message form: 
  • Oma Intrum -self-service portal with online banking credentials: 

In most of our properties, electricity and water charges are not included in the rent. Electricity advance payments are only in use at Hildantie 1, Hildantie 3, and Jäkälätie 2. In other properties, residents must arrange their own electricity contract. See the Mover’s Checklist for more details.

In many of our properties, individual water meters have been / are being introduced, whereby the resident is responsible for water payments according to actual consumption. Billing occurs once a month.

It is not necessary to attach a copy of the lease agreement, information about renovations, or a statement of the rent amount to the housing benefit application; Kela receives these details electronically from Lappeenranta Housing Service. The housing benefit application can be submitted to Kela electronically at

General housing assistance and housing assistance for pension recipients can be directed straight to the landlord, i.e., Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.

Keys, parking spaces, laundry and sauna slots

Contact your building’s property maintenance company. Contact details can be found on our website, the Resident Pages, and your building’s notice board. Be prepared to prove your identity. Please note that property maintenance companies have the right to charge for door openings. Prices can be found on the buildings’ notice boards and here.

If you need additional keys for your home, please contact our property secretary. The property secretary will handle the necessary key orders on your behalf. The resident pays for additional keys, and the cost is not reimbursed upon moving out.

Key management is handled by Certego Oy. Keys can be picked up either from the Certego Oy office (Myllymäenkatu 25, open Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm) or from the key dispenser in our office vestibule. The key dispenser is open daily from 6 am-9 pm. If you want to pick up keys from the dispenser, you will receive a text message with a code to open the outer door and key chute.

All apartment keys, parking space keys, and other keys must be returned by the specified time upon termination (but no later than the next business day by 12 pm after the contract’s end date) to the Certego Oy office Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm or to the return box located outside Certego’s premises at Myllymäenkatu 25. If returning keys to the return box, ensure they are bundled or in a small C6 envelope with clear address details. Keys must not be left in the apartment. If all apartment keys are not returned, the lock will be rekeyed at the departing resident’s expense. Lost electronic keys will be charged at their purchase price.

If you want to rent a parking space for your vehicle, contact the Housing Service office at 0800 143 100 (option 1, toll-free number with callback service) or 

Primarily, one parking space per apartment is rented because we want to ensure one space for every resident of the building. If there are additional free parking spaces, a resident may rent a second parking space if needed. If demand increases afterward, a resident with more than one parking space will have to give up the second space.

Electric and hybrid cars cannot be charged from the heating pole. Residents can inquire about the possibility of converting a parking space into a charging station for electric or hybrid cars with the property manager.

A sauna slot can be reserved from customer service at the same time as signing the rental agreement for the apartment. The price for a sauna slot is 15 €/month/apartment. You can also reserve/cancel a sauna slot later during your tenancy by calling customer service at 0800 143 100 (option 1) or by sending an email to

Yes, indeed. In most of our buildings, residents are provided with laundry and drying facilities either in their own building or a nearby Aspakoti building. There is no separate charge for using the laundry; it is included in the rent. Laundry use is exclusively for the residents’ own laundry. Booking slots are 2 hours per day per washing machine/dryer/drying room, booked in the laundry room’s booking folder. The laundry and dryer/drying room operating hours are daily from 7 am–10 pm. Each user is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and timely removal of their dry laundry to ensure others can use their booked slots accordingly.

Resident benefits

Nearly all Aspakoti apartments include Telia’s basic cable TV service and a 10 Mbit/s broadband connection in the rent. Before using the broadband connection, the resident must place an order and make a contract with Telia themselves. Residents can also order additional internet speed and other services, such as cable TV channel packages, from Telia. Depending on the building’s internal network, a fiber connection enables speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s (in new buildings, up to 1,000 Mbit/s). Broadband availability to your address and possible different connection speeds can be checked and ordered by contacting Telia directly: online at or by calling customer service at 0200 11611 (local network charge/mobile charge). When the resident arranges the broadband connection with Telia, Telia activates the connection and assists with the setup if necessary. If there are problems with the broadband connection during the tenancy, residents are asked to call Telia’s customer service directly at 0200 11611.

Residents can get involved in resident activities by first organizing a resident meeting for all the building’s residents. At the resident meeting, either a resident committee or a building contact person can be elected.

Lappeenranta Housing Services organizes various resident events approximately 3-4 times a year. The events are free for all Lappeenranta Housing Services residents. Relatives, friends, or acquaintances cannot be invited to the events unless they also rent from Asuntopalvelu.

Disturbances and faults

If a neighbor is causing disturbances in the building, bravely report it to Asuntopalvelu and, if necessary, to the police. We only accept disturbance reports in writing and signed by residents from several apartments. You can make a disturbance report here. After receiving a disturbance report, we will contact the person causing the disturbance and investigate the situation. Information in the disturbance report is confidential, and the person causing the disturbance will not know who made the report.

Every resident is obligated to report any faults noticed in their apartment or the building’s common areas. Primarily, fault reports should be made either via WhatsApp at 020 4963 250 or through the Resident Pages, where the information goes directly to the property manager and maintenance company. Through the Resident Pages, the resident can follow when the maintenance company has taken the issue into consideration and when the task has been completed. You can also call the property maintenance company directly, with contact details available here or on the building’s notice board. Urgent problems, such as leaks in water fixtures, must always be reported immediately by calling the property maintenance company.

The Resident Pages are a personal service channel for residents. On the Resident Pages, you can see important announcements, send messages to customer service or property management, easily make a fault report, review your contract and rent payments, or view property consumption reports. You can access the Resident Pages once you have signed a rental agreement with Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu Oy. For the first time, you can register using your online banking credentials, after which the service operates with the username and password you create. Alternatively, you can also log in to the Resident Pages using strong authentication, without the need to create or use a separate username and password. When logging in to the Resident Pages, you can choose how you wish to log in. On the Resident Pages, you can see important announcements, send messages to customer service or property management, easily make a fault report, review your contract, and check your rent payments.

The above tasks are the responsibility of the resident. You can familiarize yourself with the division of responsibilities on the building’s notice board or here.

Heating is kept on in all our buildings throughout the year. The heating system automatically measures and adjusts the heating network’s water supply temperature based on the outdoor sensor. When the outdoor temperature is between +5 and 0 degrees, residents may feel that the heating is not on. Additionally, in autumn, air humidity and wind affect people’s sensation of cold. When the temperature drops below freezing, the heating also starts to dry the indoor air. If your home feels unusually cool, please check the temperature from a central location. The recommended temperature in living spaces under draft-free conditions is 20-21 °C. Each property undergoes an energy tour in autumn, where set values are checked, and a technical inspection of the equipment is conducted. It’s also good to remember that raising the temperature by one degree increases heating costs by 5%.

Changing and moving out of the apartment

If your living space no longer meets your current needs, or you have other reasons for needing a new home, please submit a housing application here. In the additional information section of the application, please write why you would like to get a new home. We will contact you when a suitable apartment is found. The exchange application is valid for three months.

The apartment rental agreement is terminated with a written, signed notice or electronically by authenticating with online service credentials. The notice period is one calendar month, and the contract ends at the end of the month following the termination. For example, if you want the lease to end on May 31st, the termination must be made by April 30th at the latest. Sauna slot and parking space are terminated at the same time as the apartment termination.

Please note that the tenant may not, without the landlord’s permission, temporarily transfer their tenancy rights to another person. All individuals staying in the apartment must be registered in the building directory.

After the rental agreement is terminated, the condition of the apartment will be checked by the property manager. Please note that this inspection, a so-called preliminary inspection, is done before the tenant moves out. In these cases, the property manager will always contact the tenant in advance. Please ensure that your contact information is up to date.

See the instructions here.

If the tenant has paid a security deposit, they can apply for a return of the security deposit after one year of impeccable residence and if the payments are up to date. For example, a resident whose tenancy started on January 1, 2023 and the conditions are met, can apply for a refund immediately on May 1, 2024. On the other hand, a resident whose tenancy started on January 1, 2024, can apply for a refund on January 1, 2025 at the earliest.

If the paid security deposit has not been returned during the tenancy, the deposit will be returned after the end of the lease, no later than two weeks after the tenant has fulfilled their obligations and cleaned the apartment and handed over the keys. If the resident has not fulfilled their obligations according to the contract, the security deposit will be used to cover the incurred expenses.