Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu waives the security deposit, read more

03.03.2024 | Resident story

A safe home for life

Joutseno offers its residents clean nature with lakeside views, as well as a peaceful, cozy, and communal living place for people of all ages. All essential basic services are nearby. Through Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu, the couple Sirpa Kekki-Luukkonen and Juhani Luukkonen have found their home in Lampikangas, Joutseno.

The couple, having lived in Joutseno for years, wanted to find a new home, possibly for life, after deciding to give up their detached house. Their goal was to find a rental apartment, primarily searching through Lappeenrannan Asuntpalvelu.

We had heard so many good things about the properties and customer service of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu that we didn’t really consider any other options, Sirpa Kekki-Luukkonen shares.

They hoped to find an apartment with a balcony, either in an apartment building or a rowhouse. Initially, the couple was offered a smaller apartment in the city center, but through a series of events and a bit of their own initiative, they ended up in their current two-bedroom rowhouse.

A family friend lived alone in a three-bedroom in the same building. He had been considering moving to a smaller apartment, so I hinted about the apartment offered to us. Eventually, he decided to move there, and his three-bedroom became available. The family living in our current apartment moved to the free three-bedroom, and this two-bedroom became available for us.

The couple found the apartment search process to be very easy overall. The customer service they received was flexible and friendly. They moved into their new home in Lampikangas, a two-bedroom rowhouse, in February 2020. Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu carried out a floor renovation in the apartment upon their move. Now, the apartment has new laminate floors throughout.

We have nice neighbors and effective property management and maintenance. Snow removal is done well, and help is quickly available when needed. Once we locked ourselves out, and in less than half an hour, we were back home in the warmth, praices Kekki-Luukkonen.

Sirpa Kekki-Luukkonen ja Juhani Luukkonen

The suitability of the apartment for a person with mobility restrictions was tested when Kekki-Luukkonen temporarily had to use a wheelchair and walker. The apartment passed the test with flying colors. In this situation, Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu offered help for any necessary modifications, such as building ramps.

Now I can move around well without aids, but it’s good to know the apartment is suitable if needed for someone with mobility issues. So, this could very well be our home for the rest of our lives, Kekki-Luukkonen contemplates.

Surrounded by nature and essential services

Joutseno has all the necessary basic services like healthcare, schools, daycare centers, and a library. It’s about 5 km from Lampikangas to the services and shops in the center of Joutseno. From the center, public transportation makes it easy to travel both by road and rail.

We have our own car, but it would also be easy to bike here, and there are good cycling paths. You can easily access forests and nature trails. In winter, there are ski tracks, playgrounds for kids, and a sports field. It’s a fantastic place for families with children, especially since we are such a rural community. We look after each other and greet everyone, Kekki-Luukkonen says.

The couple has thoroughly enjoyed living in the scenic area of Lampikangas. They can enjoy afternoon coffee in their backyard in good weather, and Sirpa also likes to take care of flowers.

For us, the stability and security of the home are most important. As long as we do our part as residents, we don’t have to worry about suddenly losing our lease.

The couple appreciates the resident services and recreational activities offered by Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu. Perhaps in the future, they can get their neighbors involved in a communal resident activity, which Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu supports.

We’ve been very happy here and are grateful for this apartment. It’s peaceful and tidy, with our own sauna. Nice neighbors and a lovely row house community. Snow removal and waste disposal work well. We have our own parking spot with an outlet, and there are parking spaces for visitors too. After living in a detached house, this form of housing suits us, Kekki-Luukkonen concludes in summary.

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu offers apartment and rowhouse locations in Joutseno’s center, Lampikangas, Pulp-Ahvenlampi, and Korvenkylä’s Peace. All residential areas offer a peaceful, comfortable, and communal living space for all ages.