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Salastie became a client of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu again in 2015, when she decided to sell her owned property and move back to the city from the countryside. Salastie had lived in a Asuntopalvelu rental apartment when she was younger and had a positive experience, so looking for a new rental apartment through the Asuntopalvelu felt like the best option. She wished for an apartment close to the city center with a lake view and even a yard.

I had only dared to dream of living in the Fortress area, so when I was offered an apartment here, it was fantastic! Even my almost impossible wishes were met. Like in the countryside, I live close to nature here, but all city services are right next door, Salastie shares.

The construction of the Fortress area began in the 18th century, and there have been no major construction phases after World War I. The historical area has been the site of several archaeological excavations over the years. The Fortress area houses about 40 apartments and has 70 residents. All buildings in the area are protected, and the apartments are rented out by Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.

I have lived in three different apartments in the Fortress area. My current home is one of the six apartments in a hospital building from the 1830s. In addition to modern conveniences, the apartment has three fireplaces, and I can brew my morning coffee on a wood stove.

Merja Salastie
Ruskeahiuksinen nainen istuu hymyillen valkoisessa nojatuolissa. Taustalla halkopuita, vihrekasvi ja sisustushöyheniä.

The Fortress area is a small community where neighbors help each other with snow shoveling and watering plants. Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu’s property manager takes care of larger yard work and apartment repair needs.

It’s really easy to contact the property manager, and help is always available when needed. Asuntopalvelu also takes care of chimney sweeping. Living here is really straightforward and easy, Salastie appreciates.

The apartments do not have private saunas, but residents can book sauna sessions in a communal sauna. The charming sauna path is illuminated by yard lights and candles in winter.

Space and opportunities for hobbies

Salastie enjoys interior decorating and gardening. The old house’s ambiance is preserved in the apartment. The old wooden floors have been painted by the tenant, who has also done some minor renovations. Any remodeling needs are always discussed individually.

No private plantings are allowed in the Fortress area. Flowers can be planted in pots, and there is a communal vegetable garden in raised beds maintained by the residents.

A few active members are part of the Fortress area’s resident committee. The main goal is to plan and organize recreational activities for the residents together.

We organized a big barbecue party in the summer, attended by over half of the area’s residents. Asuntopalvelu sponsors our activities, but one Christmas, we self-funded small Christmas bags for every apartment’s mailbox, Salastie shares, encouraging all enthusiastic and positive residents to join their area’s resident committee.

Residents of the Fortress area can enjoy the nature of Pikisaari, numerous outdoor paths, and illuminated walking routes. The harbor and beach are right nearby. Salastie’s personal favorite is the coffee roastery cafe in the harbor, where you can enjoy specialty coffees and treats in a rustic industrial setting.

Salastie has been very satisfied with Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu. The apartments and gardens are well-maintained, repair needs are addressed quickly, and communication is open.

I’m so happy and content. I’ve always received responses to my questions and friendly service. It feels safe living here, as long as I take care of my part, Salastie concludes.

The Fortress, part of Lappeenranta’s city center residential areas, offers an idyllic living environment close to a wide range of services. Numerous restaurants and cafes, boutique shops and shopping centers, sports facilities, and cultural experiences are all within easy reach. The buildings from 1850 and 1900 in the Fortress exude the charm of years gone by and offer residents a unique living environment.

In the 1970s, Tuosa’s family moved to Kanavansuu due to her father’s job, to houses built for factory workers. Back then, the homes were heated with potbelly stoves, and water was carried in by hand. When Tuosa was 15, her family moved to an apartment with running water and an indoor toilet. Times and apartments have changed, but the beautiful nature and waterways of Kanavansuu have maintained the area’s charm.

In the 90s, when I was just under twenty, Kanavansuu started the basic renovation of rental apartments that were built in the area in the 1920s. I was very interested in the finishing apartments and filled out my first apartment application at the then Sammonlahti service point, and those were paper applications, Tuosa recalls.

She received a positive response to her application, marking the start of her journey as a customer of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.

It was a great feeling when you sign the lease, get the keys in hand, and start decorating your first own home. That exciting feeling is always there when you get the keys to a new home.

Päivi Tuosa

After her first apartment with the Asuntopalvelu, Tuosa moved to another landlord’s apartment for a few years. In 2000, she returned to the Asuntopalvelu, and her family found a nice small row house three-room apartment in a familiar residential area. Tuosa had previously separated, and when her daughter moved out, Tuosa moved alone to a smaller two-room apartment. Then life surprised her, and she found new love from a neighbor.

When we met, my husband and I both lived in our own two-room apartments. When we decided to move into a shared apartment, we found a suitable three-room apartment through the Asuntopalvelu. After his children moved out, we moved from the three-room to a two-room apartment with a sauna in the same building complex. We have been very comfortable here for seven years, Tuosa recounts her housing changes.

According to Tuosa, applying for an apartment and changing homes has always been easy. Sometimes luck played a part when a suitable apartment for changing needs was found. Her first applications were made on paper, and later, applications could be conveniently made via online services. Once all her details were entered into the system, changing apartments became easier.

I’ve been lucky to always get an apartment that suits my wishes and current life situation. My daughter was able to attend the local village school, which has sadly been closed down. I’ve always been fond of sauna, so having my own sauna is wonderful, Tuosa shares.

Easy to move and live

Tuosa is a true expert when asked about the ease of moving and living as a customer of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu.

There has been flexibility in the moving schedules when needed. In the new apartment, there’s always a defect form with which you could report any issues found at the time of moving in. I haven’t had to report anything yet, Tuosa says, and continues: In some apartments, we’ve been allowed to paint the walls ourselves. We had one accent wall in one apartment, which we returned to its original condition before moving out.

Over the years, when repairs were needed in the apartments, they were always addressed quickly. The property maintenance and manager are easy to contact, and nowadays, defect reports can also be made via WhatsApp.

It’s easy to log in to the Resident Pages, where you can make defect reports as well as view and update your personal information. The Resident Pages also contain all the property information and minutes of resident meetings. I highly recommend using it, Tuosa sanoo.

Tuosa highlights the benefits of her current apartment, including the sauna and the building’s laundry room, where it’s convenient to wash and dry large laundry items. Of course, pet-friendliness is important because the family includes a cat and a dog.

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu offers various benefits to its residents, such as free internet and a wide range of recreational activities: movie nights, tickets to baseball games, trips to Korkeasaari Zoo, and various community events. Long-term residents can also receive additional services in their apartments.

We’ve been customers for over 20 years, and in honor of that, we received blinds for our apartment windows. Especially in the summer, they help keep the apartment cooler.

Resident activities require active residents

Tuosa has previously been actively involved in resident committees, organizing fall and spring clean-ups, the Miljoonapilkki event for children, porridge parties, and parking lot dances. Although no official resident activities have been organized in her current building, Tuosa, being an active person, has accomplished a lot.

We’ve had small yard clean-ups, and we received some recreation funds from the landlord for refreshments. I once brought over some garden furniture from my mother’s place to the yard area. Later, we got our own furniture and those concrete tiles. It’s nice to eat ice cream and chat with neighbors there, Tuosa shares.

Tuosa has found important heart friends among her neighbors in addition to new love. She meets weekly with an 80-year-old neighbor lady, and their soul-sister chats last for hours. Tuosa’s own mother also lives in the same neighborhood.

Kanavansuu offers great opportunities for nature lovers

In Kanavansuu, Itäinen Rantaraitti, Murheistenranta, and the Saimaa Canal surroundings offer great settings for nature activities. Tuosa enjoys walking with her dog along the beautiful walking paths in the area.

There are many jogging paths and overall good sports facilities. In the summer, you can paddleboard and play disc golf. The old Kanavansuu school’s sports facilities offer gymnastics and other group sports. I’ve dabbled a bit in geocaching, Tuosa lists the area’s recreational opportunities.

Local services, such as a library, swimming pool, school, and daycare, are located less than 5 km away in Lauritsala, but the city center’s services are also easily accessible, for example, through efficient public transportation.

The village kiosk closed back in 2008, but fortunately, the building wasn’t demolished. Last summer, a baker who fled Ukraine opened a pop-up café in the kiosk, which was very popular.

Tuosa describes Kanavansuu’s environment as a true nature lover’s paradise, suitable for residents of all ages. She also mentions Lappeenranta’s excellent study opportunities, for example, at LUT University, which has long been known for having Finland’s best study atmosphere.

According to Tuosa, Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu is a safe and reliable landlord, easy to deal with. She has always been able to make her rental apartments feel like her own home for herself and her family. Residents can enjoy living and life in peace, while someone else takes care of snow removal and lawn mowing.

This is our home for life. We’ve been able to decorate it to our liking. When I come home, I can sigh: This is good, this is our home. I really like decorating, and I’ve always said that home is where you hang it. I’ve hung my home in Kanavansuu.

Päivi Tuosa

Kanavansuu is located in the Eastern area, which includes the districts of Hakali, Lauritsala, Mustola, Parkkarila, and Tirilä. The area offers both apartment buildings, row houses, and even a single-family home project on the nostalgic Kanavansuu housing fair area.

The couple, having lived in Joutseno for years, wanted to find a new home, possibly for life, after deciding to give up their detached house. Their goal was to find a rental apartment, primarily searching through Lappeenrannan Asuntpalvelu.

We had heard so many good things about the properties and customer service of Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu that we didn’t really consider any other options, Sirpa Kekki-Luukkonen shares.

They hoped to find an apartment with a balcony, either in an apartment building or a rowhouse. Initially, the couple was offered a smaller apartment in the city center, but through a series of events and a bit of their own initiative, they ended up in their current two-bedroom rowhouse.

A family friend lived alone in a three-bedroom in the same building. He had been considering moving to a smaller apartment, so I hinted about the apartment offered to us. Eventually, he decided to move there, and his three-bedroom became available. The family living in our current apartment moved to the free three-bedroom, and this two-bedroom became available for us.

The couple found the apartment search process to be very easy overall. The customer service they received was flexible and friendly. They moved into their new home in Lampikangas, a two-bedroom rowhouse, in February 2020. Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu carried out a floor renovation in the apartment upon their move. Now, the apartment has new laminate floors throughout.

We have nice neighbors and effective property management and maintenance. Snow removal is done well, and help is quickly available when needed. Once we locked ourselves out, and in less than half an hour, we were back home in the warmth, praices Kekki-Luukkonen.

Sirpa Kekki-Luukkonen ja Juhani Luukkonen

The suitability of the apartment for a person with mobility restrictions was tested when Kekki-Luukkonen temporarily had to use a wheelchair and walker. The apartment passed the test with flying colors. In this situation, Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu offered help for any necessary modifications, such as building ramps.

Now I can move around well without aids, but it’s good to know the apartment is suitable if needed for someone with mobility issues. So, this could very well be our home for the rest of our lives, Kekki-Luukkonen contemplates.

Surrounded by nature and essential services

Joutseno has all the necessary basic services like healthcare, schools, daycare centers, and a library. It’s about 5 km from Lampikangas to the services and shops in the center of Joutseno. From the center, public transportation makes it easy to travel both by road and rail.

We have our own car, but it would also be easy to bike here, and there are good cycling paths. You can easily access forests and nature trails. In winter, there are ski tracks, playgrounds for kids, and a sports field. It’s a fantastic place for families with children, especially since we are such a rural community. We look after each other and greet everyone, Kekki-Luukkonen says.

The couple has thoroughly enjoyed living in the scenic area of Lampikangas. They can enjoy afternoon coffee in their backyard in good weather, and Sirpa also likes to take care of flowers.

For us, the stability and security of the home are most important. As long as we do our part as residents, we don’t have to worry about suddenly losing our lease.

The couple appreciates the resident services and recreational activities offered by Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu. Perhaps in the future, they can get their neighbors involved in a communal resident activity, which Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu supports.

We’ve been very happy here and are grateful for this apartment. It’s peaceful and tidy, with our own sauna. Nice neighbors and a lovely row house community. Snow removal and waste disposal work well. We have our own parking spot with an outlet, and there are parking spaces for visitors too. After living in a detached house, this form of housing suits us, Kekki-Luukkonen concludes in summary.

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu offers apartment and rowhouse locations in Joutseno’s center, Lampikangas, Pulp-Ahvenlampi, and Korvenkylä’s Peace. All residential areas offer a peaceful, comfortable, and communal living space for all ages.

Ella Kettunen and Elina Umal are neighbors who share an enthusiasm for communal activities and a desire to improve the living comfort of their apartment building. Kettunen serves as the chair of the Orkoniitynkatu 11 resident committee, with Umal being one of its active members. Although the building’s resident committee includes the required minimum of three residents, its activities are characterized by close cooperation and dedication to common matters.

– Our small resident committee was established about 1.5 years ago, after the completion of our building’s extensive HVAC renovation. It was a new beginning for the whole building, and we wanted to contribute to building a communal future, Kettunen explains.  

For both, this is their first time in resident activities, even though Kettunen has been a resident for nearly 10 years and Umal for even 15 years. The resident committee has brought them both meaningful communal activities and the opportunity to influence and improve the living comfort of their building.

– We’re both interested in the affairs of our building, and resident activities provide a functioning and official channel to have an influence. It offers a low threshold opportunity to gather, discuss common matters, and implement projects together that improve the quality of living, says Umal.  

Even with a small group, they’ve managed to organize a variety of activities. The committee has organized spring clean-ups, Christmas parties for children, and even a children’s toy election, which was met with great enthusiasm. Nine stuffed toys were acquired from a flea market, each with its own election slogan. All residents under 18 had the opportunity to vote for their favorite over the course of a week.

– Penguin, with the slogan ‘The most important things are hugs and ice cream,’ won in the first round. Now, it will serve as the toy president in the building’s clubhouse for the next four years, says Kettunen, who came up with and organized the elections.

The resident committee provides a significant opportunity to influence common matters. Official resident meetings must be held at least once a year, and all residents are invited.

– At the meetings, we can brainstorm and decide on matters together. One of the resident committee’s most important tasks is to bring residents together, share the responsibility for enjoyment, and collectively convey residents’ wishes and needs to the Asuntopalvelu, Kettunen specifies.  

Orkoniitynkatu 11’s resident committee has access to two different-sized clubrooms, which the residents themselves maintain. The committee hopes to add a striking and characterful mural to one of the rooms in the future.

Resident activities are entirely voluntary. Both interviewees encourage enthusiastic residents to join in. Through collective efforts, living can be made even better for everyone. Community and active participation bring joy and improve the quality of life for both oneself and neighbors.

Even small actions can create a great sense of community.

Ella Kettunen

Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu supports the activities of all resident committees with an equal annual budget and provides financial support for planting summer flowers. The resident committee decides together with the residents on how to use the funds.

The foundation of resident activities is the law on joint administration in rental buildings, which gives residents the opportunity to be informed about the building’s affairs and influence their living situation. The building’s resident meeting can elect a resident committee or contact person to manage common affairs. The meeting can also prepare, negotiate, and give statements on budget proposals, repairs, and building maintenance.